quarta-feira, 6 de abril de 2011

English in english

Hey folks haha This "Folks" is just so funny to me, looks like a country thing or something like that. Cool, I always use this for make some joke.

Ok, so the new is, today I'm going to star to write here in english too, just some times, not really often. I'm sorry about who doesn't speak english and can't understand a word, but might be helpful for me to start doing more stuff in english to keep improving and learning.

It's my first time, I'm kind of lost because I don't know what to say but I could start with "I miss my home so much". It's too complicated guys, living without your family and start to live with a family totally different than you, really hard. I really would like to be on my own bad right now.
Well, at least I have been enjoying the life as much as I can because nobody knows what can happens tomorrow or where I can be tomorrow. Brazil (beautiful home), United States, I don't know but sometimes I just think about the case of lost this opportunity, what did I do since I'm here? Where I HAVE to go before go back home and I didn't go yet? Lest's enjoy while I'm here, let's be the difference. This is a BIG gift from God to me and I'm so thankful about that. God is love, no reason good enough to be against that. Love, love, love.

I'm doing this without any dictionary or translator so I'm sorry about my mistakes. I swear, I will keep studying and trying haha
Thanks for everybody who keeps coming to watch the videos, read the crazy news and leave nice comments. Love you guys, hope you enjoy this text in english to help you to improve your english too. For everyone who wanna see me talking in english, here it is. Silly!

Don't think that it is something snob, I don't want to show anybody that I know to speak english but looks fair with me and with who is interesting about that stuff, have the opportunity to write and learn(me) ans to read and learn(somebody?).

Comments in english are always welcome!

God bless you all. Let God guide you!
#Vaiescobar or #GoEscobar

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