quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

English in English 2

Hey there. How are you? I'm just watched some parts of the game Brazil x Paraguai so I feel a little shame right now.
Hope everything is AWESOME for you, guys!

I'm back with my "American Girl version" so today lets practice some more English. Sounds good, doesn't it?

In one of the comments from the last post somebody asked me about my life as an Au Pair, with the kids and the whole host family. I don't use to talk about them just because I don't have so much to say about it. They are very nice with me and they help me with everything I need. I have a great relationship with my host mom, she has helping me a lot with some issues about my lasts months here and I feel really blessed about it. It's actually good, if I don't talk so much about them that means everything is alright, going well.
My kids are fine, some times as feel like they treat me as a older sister. They do for me everything that little brothers and sister does. And that include all the good and bad things. Some times I heard like "I love you" and some times I heard "I hate you" as well.
Now, in the summer, they are going to a summer camp I my word is very easy. I have worked only 3 hours and a half per day and it's really easy work so it's totally fine for me.
I'm glad! Life is easy and I'm gonna see my family and friends pretty soon. I'm just enjoying as much as I can.

Summer is just awesome! I have done so many cool things like hanging out at Central Park, Coney Island (Brooklyn), meet Ami James From NY Ink, Hillsong Church... What I mean is, so many things witch is making me feel sad about going home and leave these behind. Oh my God, so much better than winter! Like, winter is not even quite as cooler as summer. Actually it is cool(cold) but not cool(nice). :P Even when is snowing, witch is very pretty, life is much more sad and without any color at winter time. Tough time for those who are feeling alone.

Ow, one more thing. My brother is in California! So close to me but I can't see him. It's like all the way across the country and I gotta work so, no way to see him. It's kind of sad, he is so close. The hardest thing is done, he came to US. But it's alright, I love him anyway. haha

If I would have to describe all this year in a word, it would be "AWESOME". o/
Sorry about who doesn't speak English and can't understand what I'm saying. That just happens once a year, it's ok.

Again, comments in English are very welcome! It's always funny, last time my mom went to google translator and wrote here in English. haha

That's it, so far so good!
#VaiEscobar (#GoEscobar)

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